23 December 2007

Kex Gorin

Kex Gorin, one time drummer for Magnum passed away on the 21st of December. RIP is Kex.


Pasi said...

Never mind. Apparently you knew about Kex's death already.

It's a shame, but then again, no one lives forever.

BrummieMG said...

I am truly shocked.

I used to go to watch Magnum in the days when they played a weekly residency at a pub in Birmingham called "The Railway".

Magnum played on thursday evenings.

Kex was the most amazing drummer. His personality came through loud and clear and it was as much about watching him play as it was listening.

I only found out just now that he died. I dont know why or how, but I guess that is simple curiosity.

It is a very sad loss to the music world.

BrummieMG said...

I am in shock.

I did a search looking for Kex and discovered his passing so recently.

I was a Magnum fan in the very early days around 1974/5 when I went every thursday evening to watch them at "The Railway" pub in Birmingham (UK).

Kex has remained my favourite drummer of all time. Not just from his playing which was bloody amazing, but also from how he performed!

It is a very sad loss to the music world.

Pasi said...

Here in Finland they toured rarely. I saw Magnum once at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki around '89 or '90. Don't think Kex was drumming then but a great gig anyway. Me and my friends had a blast.

I have never been a huge fan, I own only two vinyl albums (On A Storyteller's Night and Goodnight L.A.) but enjoyed their music nevertheless. I think I'll try to get my hands on some of their early albums soon.

Take care. Long live rock 'n roll!