29 February 2008

The weekend is here

Been a while since I've posted. I'm glad the weekend is here. The home show is going on over at the America's center in St. Louis so we'll be spending Saturday there. Hopefully back in time so I can get a good nap in. Need to catch up on sleep.

23 February 2008


Wow, I'm nothing but an amaeuter photographer but one of my pictures was included in the St. Louis guide at schmap.com. I was surprised when they asked permission and even more surprised when they told me it was included. It helps when the picture is of Brett Favre getting ready to set a new record.

01 February 2008

3 years ago

It was 3 years ago today that I officially became retired from the Air Force and became a civilian again. I've never regretted my time in the Air Force, or that I retired. Still work as a contractor for the Air Force which has made the transition easier in many ways. Regardless, 3 years...hard to believe.

Is it summer yet?

One of the frog hose bumpers sticking out of the snow.

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How many 5 year olds...