26 July 2012

Half Moon

Half Moon by matneym
Half Moon, a photo by matneym on Flickr.

The moon is only half full but it is easier to shoot when it is that way.

24 July 2012


Roots by matneym
Roots, a photo by matneym on Flickr.

Went to the local park in Troy Sunday looking for squirrels to photography. As I wandering around I spotted some exposed tree roots. I love the twists and turns so I took a few shots. They look better in b&w.

22 July 2012

Feeding Time

Feeding Time by matneym
Feeding Time, a photo by matneym on Flickr.

Haven't had much luck with hummingbirds this year until the last couple of days. Suddenly they've appeared and are quite hungry. This little one was buzzing around my head, and almost landed on the lens hood. But then she headed over to the feeder and I was able to get this shot off.

16 July 2012

Falling Down

Falling Down by matneym
Falling Down, a photo by matneym on Flickr.

Four of us from the photo club took a trip to East St. Louis Sunday morning to take some photos. So sad to see these old buildings in such decay. This was a grand city at one time.