27 March 2007

Magnum hit the UK charts at #29

Magnum hit #29 on the UK album charts today with the release of Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow. Well deserved mates and congratulations on a fabulous CD.

Official Magnum Website

Now scientists create a sheep that's 15% human

Now scientists create a sheep that's 15% human.

Bah! Nothing new here. Sheepherders have been injecting human DNA into sheep for years. It's only the method that has changed if you get my drift!


21 March 2007

18 March 2007

Magnum Fans

Well I've finally gotten around to updating my website about Magnum. I've pretty much deleted everything and just posted the latest news about Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow. I do plan to start doing a proper update with the discography, links, pictures, etc. but for now it's just news.

Magnum fans

If you are interested I run a group on Yahoo about the band also. Come on over, join and talk about the band with other fans.
Yahoo Groups - Magnum fans

10 March 2007

Oregon Ducks/USC Trojans Recap Saturday March 10, 2007

Ducks win Pac-10 tournament! Go Ducks!!!

NCAA Basketball - Oregon Ducks/USC Trojans Recap Saturday March 10, 2007 - Yahoo! Sports

Brad Delp, lead singer of Boston dead at 55

Another legend passes away. I remember first hearing Boston while in junior high. I was the equipment manager for the football team so I was always around the high school kids who listened to bands like Boston, Van Halen, Steve Miller, The Cars, etc. Brad Delp's voice was such a huge part of the Boston sound. The self titled debut is a classic.

Brad Delp, lead singer of Boston dead at 55.

08 March 2007

John Inman dead at 71

Another legend has passed away. "Are You Being Served" is one of my all time favourite British comedies. You will be missed and may you rest in peace.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Obituary: John Inman

"I'm free!"

05 March 2007

Just speechless

Reading this commentary today at ePluribus Media by Jay Gould III left me just speechless.

I love the following:

It has indeed been liberating for those of us who deservedly wield the economic, political, and social power in the US to eviscerate the Magna Carta, the Constitution, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We've no need of archaic or foreign documents declaring and defining rights for all human beings. My God, man. Habeas corpus and the Bill of Rights have outlived their usefulness. You aging hippies and starry-eyed dreamers crying over their loss need to get over it! Besides, it's painfully obvious we are not all created equal. If that were the case, men wouldn't dominate women, there wouldn't be long-term psychiatric care facilities, people wouldn't choose to sleep in their own urine on the street, and schools wouldn't have to provide for "special needs" children.

And then at the end he says:

We are Americans!

We love our nation. America is number one, and we aim to keep it that way!

If you don't like that, Chalmers Johnson, then get the hell out!

How Jay Gould considers himself an American is beyond me. He seems to hate the very things that make us who we are. The Bill of Rights and Habeas Corpus have outlived their usefulness? That is his vision of what America is?

Here is the article that got him going:

Republic or Empire

02 March 2007

More Magnum - Soldier Of The Line

More Magnum tonight. Another of Tony's most powerful songs.

"Soldier Of The Line"

Soldier of the line how does it feel
You're far away from home polishing steel
The sun moves in between the mountain and sky
As dawn puts out its fingers splitting them wide

Soldier of the line what do you know
About the other side, they never show
They must be well disguised biding their time
Their armour well prepared so nothing will shine

Soldier of the line would you kill me
There's something in your eyes stopping you see
They're cloudy and you turn your head away
What's that rolling down your face, are you OK?

Hold back those tears from your eye
Don't show those feelings inside
You're in a murderous playground
War games on a castle wall
You're in a murderous playground
Crossed out if you dare to fall

Soldier of the line it isn't fair
You're bleeding deep inside nobody cares
Your flag and lance stand proud splintered and red
No movement in the field, the crows will be fed

Soldier of the line you've come to the end
You'll never get to see your mother again
Some unfamiliar place you're going to stay
An unremembered name an unforgettable day

Magnum - Sacred Hour

Magnum is my favourite band and I'm sitting here listening to their live album "The Spirit". Just as I finished my last post about Sgt Beardsley this song started playing. It's called "Sacred Hour" and is one of their most powerful songs. For some reason it makes me sad tonight.

"Sacred Hour"

All of my dreams that fell through and had tasted so sour
Take second place in my mind for this one sacred hour
Still I've been moved for so long by this strange fascination
Here as I stand all alone in complete concentration

Face through the clouds in the Gods shine with awe and splendour
Rise up and roar they approve will they always remember
I hear the voice of the crowd, it will last forever
Locked in my heart kept away like a stolen treasure

I can hear them calling
Hear the crowd applauding
If it's real I like the feeling
If I'm wrong who am I deceiving?

Night after night it repeats an exciting romance
Shared by us all though we met by a fleeting half-chance
Caught, trapped in time no escape from this powerful dreamworld
Pleased though I am to be here I am lost in the real world

Soldier, 25, dies after re-enlisting to aid ailing wife

Soldier, 25, dies after re-enlisting to aid ailing wife.

This story bothers me on so many levels. Another soldier dead, another family ripped apart. Children growing up without their father. That this man loved his wife so much that he re-enlisted to ensure she could get the medical care she needed. That he had to do it to be able to have health insurance because of the sad state of health care in this country. That his wife had to be told of his death on the day she left the hospital. It truly is a kingdom of madness.

RIP Army Sgt. William "B.J." Beardsley. After reading this article I know I won't forget you.