13 December 2013


Oops, just looked and it was April when I lasted posted here. Between my Facebook photography page and Flickr I just forget to post here. Will have to try to do better.

05 April 2013

Fabulous Fox Theater

Fabulous Fox Theater by matneym
Fabulous Fox Theater, a photo by matneym on Flickr.

Been a while since I've posted here. I upload my photos to my Facebook page but forget about the blog. So here is a shot from the Fabulous Fox Theater last weekend. This shot was also picked as a Consumerist.com photo of the week.

27 January 2013

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion by matneym
Mountain Lion, a photo by matneym on Flickr.

A shot of a Mountain Lion from the Fete de Glace ice carving competition in St. Charles Missouri yesterday. All of the sculptures were incredible. I don't know who won as it would have been a difficult choice. All of the artists were incredibly skilled and the effort to create these works of art is just amazing. More photos of the festival on my Flickr page.

19 January 2013

The USS Inaugural (again)

019 - USS Inaugural by matneym
019 - USS Inaugural, a photo by matneym on Flickr.

A fellow photographer and I went down to take a look at the USS Inaugural again this morning. Based upon what I had read I figured the salvage company would have started cutting her up. Much to our surprise nothing had happened yet so we walked down and got some closeups of the ship. I had hoped to the first time we had gone down but the weather sucked. Today was perfect though the ground and sand were a bit wet. I can't imagine they'll wait too much longer before they cut her up though in case the river starts rising.

13 January 2013

USS Inaugural

013 - USS Inaugural by matneym
013 - USS Inaugural, a photo by matneym on Flickr.

Took my wife and son down to see the Inaugural today before she is cut up for scrap. With the river being so low right now it's finally financially and physically feasible to salvage the ship. A sad ending to the ship but better than just rusting away to nothing in the river I suppose.

09 January 2013


009 - Fog by matneym
009 - Fog, a photo by matneym on Flickr.

Day 9 of my 365 project. Lots of fog this morning as the warm rain melted the snow that we've had on the ground.