02 March 2007

Magnum - Sacred Hour

Magnum is my favourite band and I'm sitting here listening to their live album "The Spirit". Just as I finished my last post about Sgt Beardsley this song started playing. It's called "Sacred Hour" and is one of their most powerful songs. For some reason it makes me sad tonight.

"Sacred Hour"

All of my dreams that fell through and had tasted so sour
Take second place in my mind for this one sacred hour
Still I've been moved for so long by this strange fascination
Here as I stand all alone in complete concentration

Face through the clouds in the Gods shine with awe and splendour
Rise up and roar they approve will they always remember
I hear the voice of the crowd, it will last forever
Locked in my heart kept away like a stolen treasure

I can hear them calling
Hear the crowd applauding
If it's real I like the feeling
If I'm wrong who am I deceiving?

Night after night it repeats an exciting romance
Shared by us all though we met by a fleeting half-chance
Caught, trapped in time no escape from this powerful dreamworld
Pleased though I am to be here I am lost in the real world

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