18 January 2007

Waterwheel invention promises cheap electricity | the Daily Mail

I've always wondered why people haven't taken advantage of some of the old ways to lessen our demand for electricity. This story about waterwheels is a good example. How many homes are there that could easily take advantage of this? On the same line of thought why aren't personal windmills being used? Farmers through out the years have used them to pull water out of the ground all through America. Why not use small ones to generate electricity? Even if they only generate enough power to light one or two light bulbs spread out over hundreds of thousands of homes it would make a difference. Cost I suppose is a big sticking point but with enough demand it should come down. For that matter why aren't the utility companies investing in this kind of technology? What are your thoughts on the subject?

Waterwheel invention promises cheap electricity | the Daily Mail: "Waterwheel invention promises cheap electricity"

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newguy said...

Because they don't look pretty!
Because HOA's don't want TV antenna towers, Ham Radio towers, or anything else above the rooftops, it's "unsightly".

Well, how about saving money on electricity??? :D:D