21 May 2006

Unleash the Fury!

Unleash the fury! Went to Pops last night and saw Yngwie Malmsteen unleash the fury on us. I do have to say the man is an impressive guitarist but...it didn't do a lot for me. His playing is phenomenal but everyone else in the band is just there in the background. The songs themselves aren't really what I would call songs. Just a vehicle for him to solo and do guitar histronics. Not that there is anything wrong with that or that at times I don't want to see and hear it. But after seeing Steve Vai last year and what he does with his band I was left underwhelmed by Yngwie.

On a more positive note the opening band was Orange Sky from Trinidad. I was impressed by them as it seemed was the crowd. The lead singer/guitarist put it this way: "we aren't out to be the loudest or heaviest, just to make good music". That they did so check them out.

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